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5 Incredible Reasons Why People Should Make a Move to Romania

Romania is such a stunning, highly underrated nation in the Balkans. Its natural beauty, welcoming people, affordability, and high-quality internet speeds make it an outstanding option for moving to Europe – particularly for Digital Nomads or remote workers.

You may not know too much about the place, or maybe you have just started probing some information on how life is in Romania as a foreigner. Below, I’m going to just reveal the plain truth on why you should move to Romania, and what are the features that will make your living here a beautiful journey in your life.

1. Low Cost of Existing a Healthy and Good Life

One common aspect you will be benefiting a lot from if you move to Romania is the fair cost of living a healthy and comfortable life. The cost of living in this country is among the lowest of all European Union’s countries. So, you can live a fairly healthy and comfortable life with an affordable spending budget.

Here, you will also always be ready for finding a nice place to rent for a decent price. Also, if you are speaking English fluently, it would be easier for you to find a job and you can also work at multinational companies.

2. The Internet is Heaven on Earth

The internet speed in Romania is like all the good networks are located here. Romania is one of the top countries that has the fastest internet. The monthly subscription cost for a good internet connection is about 6 to 10 euros per month. With that much cost, you can comfortably watch movies online without any interruptions.

3. Low University Fees

If you wanted to study medicine, you have to know that Romania is one of the best places for that. Here, university fees are very low, and if you have the proper grades, you can study for free, as you will be economically supported by the university. Also, many academies have English programs so the language will not be a problem.

4. The Romania Food is Great

Being foody is tough today. In Romania, you have nothing to worry about because Romanian people love to eat. The traditional food of this country will be like love at first sight – in this case, at the first bite. Sarmale, cozonac, and ciorbă are a few dishes, but you will be pleased with much more of them.

5. Romania has a Wonderful Scenery

If you move to Romania, you will be happy to treasure out that you can go on some impressive trips here. You have mountains, the Black Sea and – if it is not sufficient – the Transfăgărășan road was nominated” the best road in the world” by Top Gear. You should go here at least once. The road, the view – the whole thing is breathtaking.

The country is also keeping its history alive – you can visit some delightful castles and find out about their exciting story. And this is like an advantage – there are some great music festivals that are hosting in this country. Undeniably you heard about Untold, Neversea, and Electric Castle. There are so many great artists and beautiful views at a very good price here, so you should be considering moving to this country right now!

After this shortlist, you might deliberate at least visiting this country. It is an excellent way to find more about this little nation with such a stormy history. You can find one of the best removal companies to make your move to Romania memorable and hassle-free.