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6 Key Furniture Removal Tips for Moving Your House

Moving can be an exciting prospect with all the enthusiasm surrounding relocating to a new location, and experiencing new culture and environment. This is a time when you must also keep your focus on how to make your moving easy and convenient for you. Whilst packing and moving may seem to be easy, it may be a troublesome work, especially considering your furniture. Here, we append some key tips related to furniture removal that will definitely come as great help:

  1. Create the Inventory
    Just like you would do for any other specific-room items before moving, creating the inventory of your furniture item will help you get the job done seamlessly and efficiently. This helps to evaluate what items you have to move, how much time it is going to take to disassemble and pack and move, so that you can plan accordingly.
  2. Get the Supplies
    Right from packaging materials to tools and equipment, you should arrange for the materials required to disassemble, pack and move the furniture. This is one aspect for which you must consult your removal provider and know how they are going to proceed through the entire process. Make sure to source specific packing materials for fragile materials.
  3. Disassemble and Pack
    Every home has different furniture items, and some of that has detachable parts. So, whatever furniture parts you can disassemble, do that at first. It is a time consuming task, therefore ensure that you start early and have sufficient at your hand to do that. Also make sure to keep the nuts and bolts safe in a separate box, and mark that properly. All the disassembled components of furniture needs to be put into a separate box and clearly labelled. Keep these box and bags taped underside the furniture items for convenient placement during move and comfort when you assemble your furniture at your new place.
  4. Wrap and Pack Fragile And Antique Items Specifically
    Fragile and valuable items have to be given full care right from packing to loading, transportation and unloading at the destination. Use blankets and similar items, wrapped around the delicate items so as to secure them from any vulnerability of damage.
  5. Measure Hallways and Doorways
    Before moving the large furniture items, it is important to measure doorways and hallways specifically so as to plan moving of furniture accordingly. It may happen that you large sofa and couch for which you may be required to remove doors before moving the furniture.
  6. Load the Heavy Items First
    The basic rule of thumb when putting your furniture on the transportation truck, is to load the heavy items on the vehicle first and other items afterwards. This is one aspect that professional removals are expert at.

By following these tips specifically, you can rest assure to make your furniture move efficient, safe and convenient.