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    How to Book Removals to France on a Budget?

    Moving to France is a big deal. If you are like most people, you probably won’t have done it before and this will be your first international move. Moving to France can be expensive, but with planning and some knowledge of how removals work you can save money and still get the best service.

    Here are our top tips on moving house in France:

    Do Get a Reputable Company for Removals to France

    • Check their reviews.
    • Ask for references.
    • Get a quote and ask about services included in the quote, insurance and experience of the company.

    Do Check Your Requirements in Advance

    You will need to check if you need a permit to import furniture, pets, vehicles, animals and plants. As an example of this, if you are moving from the UK to France then there are different rules for different items:

    • Furniture must be less than 50 years old and not made from any endangered species;
    • Pets must have been vaccinated against rabies within 12 months prior to arrival in France;
    • Vehicles must meet all European Union safety standards (i.e., seat belts) or have been modified so that they do;
    • Animals must be accompanied by health certificates showing they have been vaccinated against rabies within 12 months prior to arrival in France

    Do Consider Time of Booking Your Removal

    The best time to book your removal is 6-12 months before you move. This will give you plenty of time to get everything sorted and make sure that everything is packed up properly.

    If you leave it until the last minute, there may not be enough space on the lorry. If this happens, then it will cost more money or even mean that your belongings won’t be moved at all!

    Don’t Forget about the Import Duty and Other Taxes

    Import duty and taxes are not included in the price of your removal. You will need to pay import duty on your goods, which is charged on a percentage basis.

    Import duties vary from country to country and from one type of product to another so it’s important that you check with us before booking your move so we can give you an accurate estimate of what this may cost.

    Don’t be afraid to book removals to France on a budget

    Removals to France can be affordable, as long as you’re prepared to do your research and find the right company for you. If your budget is small, there are ways of saving money on removals. For example, if possible it’s worth considering hiring a van rather than buying one; this will not only help with costs but also give you more flexibility when it comes time for your trip.

    It may also be worth considering whether an international removal company would offer any advantages over a local one, for example, some companies have specialised services such as packing materials delivery or storage facilities that could save time and money in the long run.

    We hope this blog has helped you understand how to book Removals to France on a budget. Remember that the key is planning ahead and getting the right removal company for your needs, whether you are booking for Removals to Ireland, or any other international destination.